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November 23, 2011


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Chris Budny

Happy Thanksgiving, Jim, to you, your family and everyone at BetterPhoto.com. I suspect I speak for a lot of the membership when I say we're thankful for the BP community you've created.

Nancy de Flon

Thank you, Jim! I'm grateful to you and to all the BP instructors from whom I've learned so much--many of whom I still keep in touch with. Bill Reel, a former columnist for Newsday, liked to say: "Gratitude is the aristocrat of attitudes." How true! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and staff.

Kathy Wesserling

I'm grateful that...
1] Better Photo exists, period.
2] BP offers an affordable Basic Membership.
3] BP allows us to see all entries - not just the Winners. It's a teaching tool for me.
4] BP's team is generous in sharing their knowledge (through their Blogs and by answering individual questions) even with those of us can't afford the classes. Kerry Drager has been especially helpful to me, and recently John Siskin answered a Speedlite question - and single-handedly improved our upcoming church directory.
5] Jim Miotke's "BP Guide to Digital Photography" was one of the first books I bought. It helped to increase my skill levels AND really brought me into the BP fold.
6] BP nurtures a sense of community and learning.
7] BP has introduced me to so many wonderful friends - both online and onground.
8] BP has kept the doors open - even in these hard times. It hasn't been easy - especially recently. But, for this alone, I would say "Blessings on BP, the staff and team. -Thank you for what you have given me over the past years and in the future.

John D. Roach

Nicely said! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Linda Taylor

Hi Jim
Last fall I was part of the "Customer Charisma" Group and loved it. I do know how important journaling can be. Right now I am putting together my first YouTube video,to tell everyone about my journaling site. I would really appreciate it if you would recommend my site when talking about journaling. www.inspirationaljournaling.com
Your recommendation would go a long way.
Thanks again for the mentoring.
Linda Taylor

Carol Marsh

Thank you for your list. I have many blessings in my life. My wonderful Bob and 52 years of marriage, my fabulous son and daughter (also adopted), four incredible grandchildren, good health and many incredible trips abroad. A constant blessing is my opportunity to take lots of photographs and interesting classes with Betterphoto. I think I am now at about 12 or 13. It has been an honor to work with you, Kerry and many other wonderful instructors. The two summits that I have attended have been highlights in my life. So, thank you and your crew for being a big part of my ongoing development as a photographer. I am glad that you are my friend.

Carol Marsh



happy Thanksgiving from my family to your,hope you have a very bless day and if one day your travels bring you to Dallas Texas,please know that my house is welcome to you and your family.

Frank Corbin

Nice article. God is definitely in control.

Eric Schuman

Gratitude: My 92 year old father moved from Florida to be closer to me. We spent our first Thanksgiving together since the 1960s.

Jim Miotke

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for offering your kind words of support, and for offering your own inspiring reasons for giving thanks this season. For me, your thoughts reinforce my Great Friends gratitude in my original note: "people who are kind, supportive, and compassionate, as well as super creative". Thanks again!!

Paula Laschenski

Jim and Everyone, hi!

Thank you for being who you are - full of love, expertise and willingness to share. You are gift to our world and especially to struggling photographers. Special thanks to Susan and Neil Silverman who pulled me out of the fear pit regarding digital photography. They are the best!

Jim Miotke

Thanks for sharing the nice thoughts, and great to hear about Susan and Neil!

Dr. F.Zaman

Hi Jim, I am not a member of your BetterPhoto family directly but I am benefited in many ways by your site. I am thankful to you. Thank you !!

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