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November 14, 2011


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Amy Strange

Saturdays aren't good for me. It's my Sabbath:-) Otherwise, I would have volunteered.

Jim Miotke

Hi Amy,
Thanks - I appreciate your feedback!

Carolyn Fletcher

Most people I've talked to felt you didn't give enough lead time to get organized. Also maybe it's a bad time of year, since fall is pretty much over and most of us are getting into the winter doldrums. Just what I'm hearing.

Pat Mason

Saturdays are usually good for me but we have a family event that day. Keep me posted! The meet-ups sound like fun!

Sharon Myers

I wanted to participate, but I already had a commitment out of state when this was announced, so I will be unable to join this time. I hope this is something that is successful and will be offered in the future again. Thank you.

Dick Beery

Family is coming on the 19th, so not a good day. Also there is the National MeetUp groups that many of us already belong to, having another Meetup group is redundant.

Jim Miotke

Hi Carolyn, Pat, Sharon and Dick,
Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Chris Budny

I'd love to participate, Jim; I think it is a neat idea. Alas, this time around is just too little notice... hopefully there will be others? (perhaps in a slightly warmer season! ;) and with more notice (4-8 weeks.) I know a few folks who are participating this time---would love to be joining up with them, but the date was booked up earlier. Looking forward to hearing how the inaugural meetup goes!

Keith S. Safford

Hey Jim,

I did sign up to the event as I would like to do it at another date and time. We are having my daughter's birthday party on the 19th and have been busy and will view the 3 videos soon as I really want to do this. It is just that the 19th was a bad day but I really wanted to see the material for future "MeetUp" events.

Work has been a zoo, plus spent last weekend looking for a bike for my daughter for her birthday and after finding it on Sat. she wanted to ride it on Sunday. Did get some good photos of her on her new bike though :).

Monnie Ryan

Insufficient lead time to organize an event like this successfully is the biggest roadblock for me and others I know (make that a virtually insurmountable roadblock when the date is 5 days before a major holiday in this country). Will be happy to get involved given more time and a less hectic time of the year.

Debbie McBride

Hi, Jim - what a great idea! I have chosen to join the meetup in nearby Chicago, rather than start another one - yet - maybe at some time in the future we can thing about putting one together in Wisconsin. Time was a little short.


Hey Jim,
This is a great idea, just the wrong timing in general. November is not outdoor shooting weather time in my neck of the woods.Many people in the USA are already in prep mode for Thanksgiving and other upcoming family holidays and would be unlikely to commit to something more on a weekend. I've organized and led a similar photowalk/meetup under other auspices. It was effectively planned and had 50 attending because there were many weeks of lead time for people to sign up and a summer shoot date which is much more appealing for an outdoor meetup event. I'm wishing all the BP folks well with this idea. I'm just thinking it would come together with tons of participants if you pick a spring date.
-Kim in Seattle

Jim Miotke

Hi Chris, Keith, Monnie, Debbie and Kim:
Good hearing from you all, and thanks for the input!

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