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January 18, 2011


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Toby Drye

I agree with Jim! Soft Light is the only way to go when you are looking for the most detail and color in your image. Like most of us, I started shooting in the middle of the day, and the results were terrible. When I waited for the correct light, WOW!, it all came together. Take Jim's advice, wait for the proper light to make you image the best.

Bunny Snow

One of my favorite images that I captured in China and assembled with the guidance of Jim Zuckerman is with soft, overcast lighting. No awards were won, but I love the feel of the lighting. It is called: "Sailing into Water Color Inspirational."

When we are traveling, it seems that more often than not, the lighting is overcast and soft. In China, it was often due to the veil of pollution changing the lighting, but clouds, fog, or open shade, the lighting is soft and makes for ideal portraits and architecture alike.

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