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October 18, 2010


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Michelle Alton

I think that it's wonderful that your new Marketing class will give us all the information we need to drive people to our sites and keep them happily there. I'm sure that it would do me a world of good to have a path to follow--and since you've been ultra successful, I'm very confident that it'll be worth every penny.

But, alas, I have just become unemployed--like millions in the U.S. and abroad, and I cannot justify the lump investment right now. Lots of BP-ers are retired, and on very very tight budgets.

I'd sure appreciate having the curriculum broken into maybe four parts. Much easier to justify $235 in one go, than the full amount. Then, if Part 1 gets me moving and sets me on the right path, I'd go for Part II -- then III and then IV!

Marketing-wise, I think you'd get a wider group of participants who will come back three times to get the full benefit.

Give it some thought?

I'd be one of the first customers for the course in that format!

Michelle Alton

P.S. Thanks for following my "Silver Lining" Blog. I'm looking for people to send their own stories in. I'll publish them, if they fit the theme. Could be very inspirational!

Jim Miotke

Thanks so much for your comment. The nature of the material makes it difficult for me to break it up but..

I think you're going to like my solution. You weren't the only one and these are hard times...

So I have an offer inspired by my childhood. Check it out at

Kim Lindsey

How is this mega course set up? Is it a work at your own pace or is it similar to other betterphoto classes within 4 or 8 weeks?

Jim Miotke

Hi Kim,

This is a great question. This will be, for the most part, like BetterPhoto courses where you will not have to be online at a certain time. Most of the course will be conveyed via videos which you will be able to watch when it's convenient. At times, we will conduct webinars but if you cannot make these, you'll be able to view the recordings of them at a later time. So it's kinda hybrid... best to follow along week by week, but a) you get to login when you want, and b) you can catch up if you run behind a week or two.

Kim Lindsey

Thank you for your quick response, Jim! Just one more, how long is the course?

As a side note you are very inspiring and I just gobble up all your helpful information. Thank you for all you do!!

Out of curiosity, from the Myers Briggs test (if you have taken it) are you an ENFP?? or at least an (NF)?

Beth Schmoyer

what are the dates of this class?
I'm interested in taking it, but wondering the schedule.
I too have lost my job of 17.5 years this past Friday 10/15. So now I have to find a new route & everyone tells me I should explore my photography & art talents & put them into a business, but I don't have a clue how to start, price structure, etc... Would this be a good starting point for developing a business?

Jim Miotke

Hi Beth - Yes, you will find this an excellent place to start.

Hi Kim - the course will be 5 modules, about 10 days apart...

And it is so funny that you guessed ENFP. How did you do that? I am currently under the impression that I was born an ENTP but have adopted NF, especially after meeting my totally NF wife :)

Kim Lindsey

Thats great Jim!! I am an ENFP too and recognized your passion for growth, excitment for wanting to experience it "all" and helping others reach potential. I hope to experience it "all" as well :) Cheers

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