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September 15, 2010


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Rhoda Maurer

Greeting Card Companies, Nursery Catalogs, Nursery Labels, Horticultural Books and Magazines, Alternative Health Care (yoga/meditation), Interior Designers,

Duane Cartujano

You have a great point that anyone dont understand.

Scott Roberts

Great stuff Jim! Marketing is first about knowing your customer, appreciating them, building a relationship, and positioning your product/service around what's most important in meeting THEIR needs..NOW!

Thanks Jim, next time consider moving the camera around a little, so I can get a glimpse of beautiful Fiji :)

Thomas T. Draper

Hi Jim,

John Alexander suggested I should listen to your philosophy.

I could not agree with you more. The trouble is the cost-benefit outcome. On low priced items attractive to a niche market only, it's really hard to strike the right balance.

Tom Draper

Imtiaz Hami

I came to your video through John Alexander SEO Tips and I cant agree with you more.

As they say, all serve your clients need first. and Always Use You get instead of We offer.

David DeMar

My company vp's all say it's about us, I say no, it's about them, they say, no, it's about us, and that's what they really want. I hate HIPPOS.

Sharon Jackson

Every time I Google for a local business and discover that they do not have a web site, because I am linked to a yellow pages site, I should be stopping by with an introductory letter and package for them.

There are WAY more companies than you would think possible.

And thank you for this video reminder of an important (and yes, ugly) fact!

Jac Sinex

Thank you for sharing this "light bulb" with us, which I found from the John Alexander newsletter. I even shared this with my own blog readers and linked back to your post, encouraging small business owners to think about their customer audience.

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