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August 04, 2010


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Jim Miotke

To start...
Jeff Walker - master of the product launch and list building
Robin Nobles and John Alexander - masters of SEO
Richard Branson - master company creator
Tony Sweet - master creative photographer
Tony Robbins - master peak performance expert and facilitator of transformation
Oprah - master interviewer and compassionate contributor
Paul Gero - master wedding and portrait photographer
James Cameron - master movie maker
Kerry Drager - master photographer and content creator
Johnny Depp - master character creator
Jim Zuckerman - master photographer and traveler and writer
Dalai Lama - master of spirituality
Ibarionex Perello - master light follower

There are so many more... which three come to your mind right away?

Robert  Proctor

Master Photographer John Shaw, Landscapes and Wildlife!

Anne McKinnell

Chase Jarvis - master creative commercial photographer, video director, and information publisher
Nelson Mandella - Freedom Hero
Paul Watson - leader of the Sea Shephard Society to end whale hunting. I admire their cause, their dedication to the cause and willingness to do whatever it takes. Some of their methods I'm not so sure about!
John Lennon - because he brought the message of peace to the world through music
Ansel Adams - brought the beauty of nature to the world through photography
Bob Marley - one world, one love

Ok, you might have troubles interviewing some of these people, but I got on a roll!

Jim Miotke

Awesome suggestions, Anne and Robert. I love and admire these people too (and will strive to interview the ones that I can reach) :)

Usman Bajwa

Warren Buffet - The Investment Guru
Tiger Woods - The Prodigy
Lance Armstrong - The Legend
Nelson Mandella - The Leader
Robin Williams - The Actor

And if I were you, I would start with my father as he has been a master teacher to me, just for my personal consumption though!

Good luck to you in your quest chasing the masters. Can't wait to listen and see to these and many more people that had made a difference in one way or the other to the lives of many.

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