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August 18, 2010


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Excellent idea!!! :)

Toby Drye

I love the idea! I have told so many folks about your site and actually showed them it to them. They are as excited as I am. Great thinking!

Julia Edwards

Word of mouth is always your best means of adversting! I took my Betterphoto course several years ago and still am encouraging photo friends to sign up for classes to improve different areas.


Yep, count me in. www.morrisphotoimages.com and www.chasingdreamersanddynamos.com


Sounds Fantastic!!!


This is wonderful! I speek very highly of better photo and send alot of people your way! This is great! Thanks and cant wait to hear more!

Aijo Francis

Appreciate your efforts to support the people who supports BP.. Gud Luck!!

Doug Hornung

Great idea, I'm in!!

Laurel Burk Sherman

Great idea! I'm always telling someone how much I love my BetterPhoto website and how easy it is to setup and maintain! Thanks for all you do to help us "little guys" in the business!

Linda Bailey

What a great idea! I, too, tell anyone that comments about my photos that I have taken your courses and how much they help.

K Danyal

It sounds cool and Lord knows it I have been using the betterpholio as the "hey go see my work on this website" for a long time now, so yeah, I'm all for it.


Really fantastic idea!!!

Alain Marcuse

I love the idea, in principle. I thoroughly enjoy the BetterPhoto community and its courses, and tell many people about it. Just how much I love the idea depends on the details, though...

Wayne Nolting


You should create a BP Ambassador logo that that can be added to the galleries by selecting the option in the user panel and also downloaded by users to add to their emails and linked to a sign up page with their code or however you plan to do that.

Lamont Weide

I love the idea. I am always telling people about BetterPhoto and suggesting that they take classes.

thanks, LamontPhotos

Jeff E Jensen

Sounds good to me!

Lou Lazerson

I'm already an unofficial BP Ambassador
because I'm always sending people pics
from my BP gallery. Now I can encourage them
to become BP members and get paid for it!

Rustic Shots

Awesome idea.

-Rustic Shots


Sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Guy Biechele

I'm looking forward to hearing more details.


Sounds great, looking forward to details.


Fantastic! This will be Good.

Connie Campbell

This is a great idea! I am always posting the link on my FB account as well as in other places.
I think that having an option to upgrade from Basic Portfolio to a more advanced portfolio instead of cash would be nice to have as well. Maybe something that states if you get 5 friends to join you can upgrade your membership. Just a thought :)

Have a great day

Astrid Gallet

I'm also an unofficial BP Ambassador already. I like the idea of having a logo mentioned above. My only question is, do you have to have a BP website to participate and, if so, maybe you could offer your great deal again - 2years for 1 - to those of us who have not yet signed up for that. Just a suggestion. Maybe we could earn our way to the website? Please keep me posted.


Sounds good, want to know more.

Kelly Andrews

Add me to the list of fans. I have learned so much over the years on this site (since 2003) and always steer new photographers here. It would be great to get a little token back too!

Karen Anderson

Great Idea! Your creativity is always at work!


Good idea! Keep em coming. can't wait to try it all out!

Kitty Rodehorst-Hanna

In theory this sound wonderful! It will depend on the logistics as to whether it will work or not! I say "GO FOR IT"! You will never know until you try! :-)

russell barrett

Hi, this is Russell. I'm not a member but like your idea and I always look forward to seeing the daily photo as they ae really good.

Denise Denomy

It sounds like BetterPhoto is taking a giant leap forward, Jim! I like this idea!
Denise Denomy (BetterPhoto member since 2005)

David Stegmeir

I agree with everyone. This is a good idea and I am anxious to here more about it.


Brilliant! Thank you for incorporating feedback into your business models!

Eivor Kuchta

Sounds like a good idea, Jim! What I really like here is that it is so family friendly. I do miss the small free galleries you could sign up for. That's how I got into this. After trying it out for a little over a month I was hooked and signed up for a Basic BetterPholio.


Can't wait to read the details. This sounds like a winner.

Dail Frye

Thanks, Jim, for thinking of those who support you and help grow your business! I think it is a very wise move. Like the idea of an BP Ambassador Badge.

Nancyj Hovey

Gosh, I LOVE the idea!!! I was brought to BP thru a member, and have also brought others to BP! and have encouraged some to stay with BP.... instead of leaving ... especially when there was no free gallery anymore! I would encourage anyone to stay with BP, or join BP. It is a great site to learn from, and the members are friendly and we become family! The BP Family! Would be great to do a survey, and ask others who encouraged/brought them to BP and if anyone has encouraged them to stay. It would be very interesting! 8o)


Love the idea! The site is awesome and offers so much. I recoimmend it often and have sent many to have a look. Good luck!

Bob Robida

Absolutely a great idea. Can't wait to hear what the program is all about. I just joined two different camera clubs, locally, and I'd be happy to bring betterphoto.com up to people who haven't heard of this wonderful opportunity.


I love the idea! I would like to know more.

Cindy Hamilton

Sounds good, and I'm looking forward to the details.

Scott Berntsen

Love the ideal. Can't wait to hear more.

paul maher

i also have been a proud member since i joined betterphoto, whenever anyone stops and asks me about photography i always say i belong to a great photo club online where you get your work critiqued and you can also do the critiquing, kind of a cheerleader for it but since ive been sick my world has gotten smaller so i really appreciate this club and all the wonderful people, my one wish is i that i would be more outspoken on critiquing but sometimes i just cant sit or type at the computer, sincerely paul maher

steven j. marshall

Great Idea.

kim dietrich elam

LOVE it.



Dory Blobner

Eager for more details!

Robert Cole

Fine idea. I always recommend BetterPhoto to folks wanting to improve their skills. Please update us with details

Mónica Mermoz

Great idea!!

Niki W


Jeff Lovinger

Way to go !!!
I must have told hundreds of people over the years about BP. Whenever folks come into my gallery, or take a workshop with me, I send them your way to continue their studies, and get a website.

Rodrigo Barsallo

It is OK, great. But what of an additional idea: sell photos trough BetterPhoto?

Jeffrey Stoner

I've "sold" quite a few people on Better Photo and even set up a site for one of them.

I do appreciate this.

JIll Odice

Sounds like an excellent idea Jim ! I want to hear more about it, count me in!

Judy Lawhon

Sounds like it could work!!!

Arnt Lerheim

I am constantly returning to Betterphoto.com in my conversations with other people that enjoy photographing.
I think this is a great idea.

John Marsic

Good Work!

Joseph "Ted" Pilonero

Jim, I can tell you that I have already sent BP many customers, both to join up with BP and also to take courses through BP. I personally have not used BP Courses but have heard from others that they are high quality. Also, I have suggested to several to use your premium websites (I have a BP Pro Site myself) because it works very well. To get credit for doing such referrals is an excellent way for BP to say thanks to its most loyal fans and clients. In the service business, which I am in myself, referrals are the best source of business. TED


awesome ideas! my husband is gonne like this idea! keep it coming :-)

Dawn Schneider

This is a great idea. I have already told many friends in photography and not to visit better photo and get involved. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly make some extra cash!!

Kimber Wallwork-Heineman

Great Idea! - Kimber

Elliot Barnathan

I often recommend your site. This is just an extension that rewards the customer for brand loyalty! Go for it!

Mayra Pau

Fantastic idea...Thank you.

donna rae moratelli

How ironic.LOL! I CAN'T believe this!
I JUST hung up the phone. I was talking to a good friend and BP member.We spent about 10 minuites disussing this EXACT subject. I'm sure that my friend didn't read this email yet because it didn't come up in the conversation and all BP mails are generally always discussed. We wern't talking about us making money though. It was the exact opposite. We were wondering how many people actually were here that and are now members and deluxe website owners who are taking courses and are now contest enterers that we referred over the years. I wish that I knew! I'd be rich!
I do like this idea though. Sounds great so far. Cash is good.

Charlie B

I've spread the BP message across the globe to friends in the USA, UK and New Zealand. I love the courses.

Mary Louise Loyd

This is great news, especially since I recently told my photography club a
bout you!


I will put a link on my page if your serious about the program.

sherry boles

Sounds like a great idea to me!
BP was my first online 'home' and I'm always happy to recommend this site! :)

Glenn Sackett

It's a great idea; if it's implemented for simplicity, I'll use it. If it's implemented based on the "the more time they spend here, the more money they'll end up spending" philosophy that grocery stores and mass mailers use, I'm not interested.


Amy Strange

Word of mouth is the way to go! Love the idea:-)

Christine S. Zipps

I just composed a long response but no longer see it - will keep it short in case it ends up as a redundancy.
I'm a happy and proud BP member and have referred MANY folks who've signed up over the years. If I can help with your new program by continuing this practice, happy to do so and will link onto FB as well...
Thanks for everything!

Emile Abbott

This is excellent news and a great idea and please keep me posted and in the loop when ready to launch. I have been a loyal BP member for a long time and plan to continue. Also have my website with BP


I'm definitely interested in hearing more!

Heather Tucker

Sounds good, looking forward to hearing more details!

Keith S. Safford

Great idea to spread the word about Photography and help people improve their skills.

Shirley Knabe

Sounds like a great idea to me, looking forward to learning more.

Ian Kellett

Sounds like a great plan Jim, stick with it.

Kimi A. Phillips

Looking forward to hearing more about it! Go BP team!:)

jerry deutsch

This is a wonderful idea, however, when you get this enthusiastic sales force out there - you are going to need more instructors, more courses and more content to keep up. I look forward to the opportunity!

Carlton Ward

Wonderful, I am always telling people about BP courses & websites.
Thank you Jim,


Sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to find out more about it!


Very interesting! I really learned so much (and still refer to) the course I took...and refer people because of that!


I'm trying to count up all the people i've referred over the (almost) 10 years I've been here. It's definitely the best site I've come across, not that I do all that much looking around any more.

Susan Reynolds

Sound like a wonderful idea and can't wait to hear more about the program!

Gail Miller

Sounds like the classic win-win situation. Keep up the good work!

Chris Mott

Great idea

Robyn Gwilt

Way to go..... I've been singing the BP Praises for years now, and have directed many many people to the site. I always suggest to friends that they sign up and subscribe to Digital Darkroom etc. I've learned so much over the years from BP the instructors and amazing members who are always happy to impart knowledge! Amy Wadley has been a gem in assisting me with uploading problems to my website - can't believe how quick + friendly the assistance has always been. www.robyngphotography.com

Danny R. Perry

Great Idea Jim


good idea !!!!!!!!!!!!


I am down with this idea! :D

Carol Grady

Love the idea Jim! Can't wait to hear more about it. I live in a VERY small town and word of mouth is the only anybody does any business around here. So I really appreciate the concept.

Kathleen K. Parker

I think it is a marvelous idea, Jim!
I'm in!




Yeah. Can't wait.

Jim Garrison

Great idea Jim.

Kevin K


Definitely a good idea. I got one of my photo clubs to get a website with you. I always mention Betterphoto in workshops. I will be taking more classes as soon as I have the time!

Robert Walker

Good idea Jim, I'll be waiting to get the details.


Sounds great. I look forward to hearing more about it.

Selya Rollins

Love this idea, much appreciated!

Lee Saunders

I recommend BetterPhoto all the time !! And I interact with many people on most weekends !!

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