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August 09, 2010


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Karen Orr

Hey Jim,

"Don't give your goods away, just because it takes courage and confidence to ask people to pay you fairly for you products and services."

I imagine a lot of people will relate.

Also, since it takes risk to post a comment on a blog - let alone write a blog - can you help your readers by sharing more about how you got to be risk-averse?


Jim Miotke

Thanks Karen - YES! I will definitely do that. Let me think about it and gather some of my best techniques for being more risk-friendly and post them in an upcoming blog. Thanks again!


Great post. As someone who has successfully given up my day job 6 years ago, and has been getting paid to do my soul's work, I wholeheartedly agree: You will just know when it is the right time to give up your day job.

In my case, as I was tipping the scales over time leading to less and less of my side job, it became clear when the side job was no longer necessary and hanging onto the side job was holding me back in my dream job.


This is perfect for me! I have had it with my present career and was thinking about going back to school to completely change careers, but the stress and money to leave my family, job, home for 2 years to do something I wasn't sure I'd like anymore than what I was doing seemed crazy! Then last week someone asked me - what is your passion? That was when the light bulb went on! I have put my camera aside for the last 14 years to do a normal job, which I now loath - it all makes sense that this is what I was meant to do! And the advice was the same - do your day job, whilst building up your new photo business on the side. I'm so excited I can't tell you! I can't wait to read more advice for starting, so thanks for the reaffirmations Jim, its so appreciated!

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