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May 27, 2005


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Was it that you moistened the rocks? I much prefer the second shot, amazing what a difference..so much more fitting with the overall scene and something I certainly wouldnt have thought of.

Thomas Sterr

You made the stones wet, and I feel the image with the wet stones is more appealing!

Kay Beausoleil

I prefer the wet stones, too, Jim -- I assume you used a polariser on the "dry" one?

(And what does the "remember me" on the comment form mean?)

Anita Taylor

The wet rocks really add a lot to the photo. The reflection of the sky is so much better than the "flat", dry rocks!

Susan Vasquez

Gonna go against the grain here and say I prefer the dry rocks ;) But then again, I'm an amatuer!


I'm going to guess you used a polarizing lens in the first photo and did nothing regarding the wettness or dryness of the stones. I like the colors of the first photo.


I prefer the 2nd pic because of the wet look. But I don't think you reached down and actually wet the rock. You probably used some type of filter on the first pic...or did you use that big shield thingy on the 2nd pic (gold on one side to make more light on the subject--I can't think what it's actually called)to make the rock seem to glow?

My daughter and I just watched your DVD Unleashed yesterday and enjoyed it. So we just found your blog when we checked out your site.


You got the rocks wet. I prefer the wet rocks in the second photo, but the color of the water in the first photo.

Jim Miotke

Thank you all for your fun comments. Yes, I did actually reach down and splash the rock for a while - both to see how it changed the appearance of the rock and to wash off a tiny needle that you can see on one of the rocks. And, I also used a blue-gold polarizing filter to create that "liquid gold" effect.

Truly, I put this out there because I was not sure which one I preferred. I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. And thank you very much, Deb - I am glad you enjoyed the DVD. We are coming around the final bend on the second DVD now... Hopefully we will have it in the can by early October.

Thanks again!

P.S. Kay, I think the "remember me" is just the software's offer to make it so you don't have to sign in each time you want to make a comment. This blogging thing is new to me though :)

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